PYO Hazelnuts

PYO Hazelnuts

PYO Hazelnuts at Hazelbrae!

While everyone loves a good Pick-Your-Own day out, Hazelnuts can be a little tricky.

You have to pretend you're a bit like a squirrel, gathering you're nuts in Autumn to store away for Winter.

Yes, they are edible at harvest time, however we think they taste much better if you can bear to wait!


Important things to remember when picking at Hazelbrae

  • Pick from the ground, not the tree 
  • Take care under canopies, bumping heads on branches when rising hurts!
  • Be aware of spiders & biting insects, and in the rare instance, snakes (haven't seen one in the orchard in our 10 years, but we know they exist!)
  • We also have hares, rabbits, paddy-melons, wallaby, and birds - but they wont hurt, and will make a quick exit when they notice you.
  • Stick to the areas you have been assigned - we may be working in other parts of the orchard or have hazards active.
  • Choose nuts for eating that are either free of their husk, or peel out of it easily.  When the husk is stuck on like glue, it means the nut shell is empty (no nut inside).  But these can make great decorations - or nut characters, like Sandra here! 
  •  Pictured: Sandra
  • When taking home, allow nuts to dry out properly by hanging in a net bag, or spreading out on a tray in a sunny /warm place for up to a month.  This will help to improve the flavour and store them for longer without deteriorating.


Bring your little folk - they are closer to the ground so its easier for them to reach the nuts! And the farm always wears kids out so you can be guaranteed a quiet afternoon afterwards!


Opening Dates for 2024 are as follows:

Saturday 13th April - 10am -4pm Nut Club Members only day (join via our website)

Tuesday 16th April - Saturday 27th April - 10a, - 4pm daily - All Welcome

Cost: $10 per person (children under 10 free)

Note: Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st are the TrailGraze festival and the $10 charge applies to all 3 years and over as we have children's activities also activated on that weekend.

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