Hand full of hazelnuts

Who's growing your nuts?

The Growers

Farmer Christie, Farmer Mick and junior nut farmers Jack, & Lily!Hazelnut farmer family

Our family, and our small team of local gems, love growing the best nuts we can for you!  We've been hard at it since 2014, and we get a real kick out of sending you beautifully wrapped parcels with extra goodies when you order online.

A Taste of Tasmania

All your hazelnuts come from our farm in Hagley, in the beautiful heart of Tasmania where the fertile soils, clean air, and abundance of water combine to produce the best hazelnuts in Australia!   If you're in the area, you can even visit the farm during our opening times (see facebook for current opening hours).  Spend enough time there, and you might grow too!

A Family Affair

Everyone helps out on the farm.  Jack now drives the tractor in the orchard, and Lily can be seen at the customer service counter and also helps with the sticker-ing on occasion so if you happen to get a wonky sticker on your nut bag, know that it's been attached with all the vigour and speed of a super helpful and truly inspired toddler!

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First time ordering online but honestly would not buy Hazelnuts from anywhere else. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS
When I was living in Tasmania I visited your farm and purchased your products at Markets.

Cathy Cole

What a lovely family! We met at Fine Foods in Sydney and have been using their products in our King Valley cafe since. Orders come thoughtfully packed and it’s a joy opening the box and finding a treat and a few recipes thrown in. Love it!

Francois Steyn

I loved visiting your farm & meeting you Christie & hearing all about your story. Your hazelnuts are yumalicious

Julee Mather

Received a bag of your roasted hazelnuts for Christmas – wow! They are stunning! Will be ordering for myself in future.


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