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Hazelbrae Hazelnuts

Nutter Butter - Dark Chocolate 170g

Nutter Butter - Dark Chocolate 170g

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Did you know that our Nutter Butter is made with 100% locally grown Australian Hazelnuts? It not only offers a delightfully crunchy texture, but also a rich and nutty flavour that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. With 75% hazelnut and just 25% quality dark chocolate, it’s the almost healthy treat you’ve been waiting for!

Note: This product is prone to settling due to the high hazelnut content.  It is perfectly safe to eat when hazelnut oil has risen to the top, however you may like to stir it back in before you try to spread.

Ingredients: 100% Australian grown Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate (cocoa solids 58%, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin)


Dairy Free, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free


Also comes in Plain Hazelnut, & White Chocolate Butter

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