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Raw Hazelnuts

Raw Hazelnuts

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"Who would've thought there was SUCH a difference in locally grown! Forget the rest, these are THE best!"  Lyn, Tasmania


Cracked fresh, and delivered to you straight from the shell, our raw hazelnuts can be eaten as they are, or roasted into to your morning muesli, or even ground into meal for bliss balls and other cooking to supplement fresh almond meal.

Storage tip : Raw hazelnuts keep best in an airtight container, or you can freeze for longer freshness

Ingredients: 100% Australian grown hazelnuts

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly

Raw hazelnuts come in 2.5kg, 500g, 220g sizes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Wiebke Parker
Best tasing hazelnuts in Australia

Hazelbrea’s Raw Hazelnuts are the only hazelnuts I buy, they are far superior to any other hazelnuts I ever bought in the past.

Jenny L

Oh my goodness. I have not tasted nuts this fresh since I cracked one off a tree that we grew in our back yard in the 70s. I will admit that I had forgotten how incredible a fresh hazelnut tastes. Each nut is perfect. I have them everyday in my morning protein shake and grab a few if I get a nibble attack during the day. I also purchased the Hazelnut spread which is beyond delicious on a slice of fresh buttered sourdough toast. I cannot recommend Hazelbrae more highly. They are the only hazelnuts that I will be eating for the rest of my life!!

Bee Yeatman

Delicious í will order more for sure

lyn plumb
Heavenly Hazels

Who would’ve thought there was SUCH a difference in locally grown! Forget the rest these are THE best!

Best Hazelnuts

Whether the hazelnuts are raw or roasted they are the best I have ever eaten!
I also love the Hazelnut Oil which I combine with the nuts, goats curd, rocket and sometimes pomegranate- superb!!